Pablo Barros

Postdoctoral Research

University of Hamburg

Resarch Interests: Emotion Appraisal, Human-Robot Interaction, Social Robots, Affective Memory, Affective Modulation, Emotion Recognition, Empathy

Currently, I am a postdoctoral research associate at the University of Hamburg. I work mainly with deep and self-organizing neural networks modeling different cognitive-behavioral functions for multimodal learning and emotion appraisal and their applications to social robots.

During my PH.D. in Uni Hamburg, I fell in love with the area of affective and social robotics, and since then I am involved in different activities in this community: I am the main organizer of the OMG challenges on Emotion Recognition (IJCNN/WCCI 2018) and Empathy Prediction (FG 2019); Co-organizer of different workshops on crossmodal learning and affective robotics (ICDL-EPIROB 2017, IJCNN 2018, IROS 2018 and FG 2019); Supervised MSc and BSc students on different correlated topics; Reviewer of different neural networks and machine learning journals (Elsevier Neural networks, Elsevier Neurocomputing, MDPI Sensors, IEEE Transactions on Affective Computing, etc); and have an extensive list of publications on this field in relevant conferences and journals.
More information about the OMG Challenges:

I listed here in my profile some of my most important publications, but a full list together with different citation indexes can be found on my google scholar page:

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For more details about the general view on my research and the different projects I am involved on, please visit these pages:

And for a general view on the neural models developed during my research career, please refer to my GitHub page within University of Hamburg:

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